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About IVCO 2022

About the Event

Each year, the annual conference of International Volunteer Cooperation Organisations (IVCO) brings together leaders of international volunteering agencies from around the globe in a unique dialogue focusing on the challenges and opportunities currently facing international development volunteering – longstanding, and newly emerging. IVCO allows its participants to learn, exchange ideas and practice innovation, build supportive peer networks, and participate in shaping sectorial policy and advocacy initiatives.

As we emerge from COVID-19, we engage in an exploration into what is now possible for the fulfillment of the Sustainable Development Goals. The UN reports that COVID-19 has meant regression in many of the Sustainable Development Goals by ten to 15 years. How can IVCO and voluntary cooperation leapfrog us forward to quickly close these gaps?

IVCO 2022 is a moment where international and national voluntary cooperation agencies, governments, donors, academic institutions, the private sector, volunteers and beneficiaries come together as one – to learn from the past and to design their pathways forward.

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