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About Senegal

About Senegal

The Republic of Senegal is a low-lying region located on the westernmost point of continental Africa, crossed by four rivers, the Senegal River, the Gambia, the Saloum, and the Casamance. Senegal boasts beautiful weather almost all year-round-the average temperature in the city stays below 29 degrees celcius. Its tropical but comfortable climate, with a short rainy season between June and September, and a cooler season from December through April, allows for ideal outdoor activities. The country is divided into fourteen regions.

Senegal’s population is a melting pot of young, modern, and dynamic people together with the traditional folks all belonging to varied ethnic groups, each with its own distinctive dialect. Although Wolof is the most widely spoken language in Senegal, French is the official language. Religion and beliefs play a key role in the daily life of the populations, though the country is known for its religious tolerance. The Toucouleur ethnic group, among the early inhabitants of Senegal, converted to Islam in the eleventh century, even as their religious beliefs retained strong elements of animism. Muslims in Senegal now represent 95% of the population; the remaining 5% consists of Christians and others still practicing animism.

The currency used in Senegal is the Franc CFA. The exchange rate is a fixed rate 1 Euro=655 Francs. Mostly all banks and local currency exchange facilities throughout the country will convert Euros, British pounds, etc. to Francs. 

Senegal is one of the most developed countries in West Africa when it comes to cellular service and Internet access. It is also host to several annual international conferences and festivals. 

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